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thanks for your help on the project


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Praise is a customizable recognition platform that includes fun and easy-to-use features such as peer-to-peer recognition, incentivized actions or behaviors, and a robust rewards system.

Assign and give

Create a currency for your company, and assign budgets of how many points employees can use to recognize others.

Receive and spend

Employees retain a balance of points they've received, and can use them to purchase rewards.

Analyze and manage

View the data to ensure the system is used positively and equitably across your company.

Why Praise?

😊 A culture of positivity improves business outcomes, including financial performance, customer satisfaction, productivity, and employee engagement.

🌎 Designed for the future of work. Praise works anywhere -- whether you gather in an office or are remotely distributed around the globe.

📉 It's low cost. We have flexible free and paid plans to cover all company sizes. No per-seat or hidden charges.

💖 Your employees will love it. We've made it fun, light-hearted, and completely customizable to your culture.

Give praise Slack interface

Simple as Slack

Give recognition from where your team is already working. Provide feedback immediately after observing someone do something amazing. Be savvy with a slash command or use the handy dandy UI. Broadcast your praise or keep it between you and them.

Culturally customizable

Pick your own currency symbol and name. Set your brand colors. Upload your logo. Create your own badges to incentivize what matters. Appeal to the culture you've worked so hard to create.

Custom badges web interface
Analytics web interface

Awesome analytics

Get the entire picture of how your employees appreciate one another. See your top recipients.

Rockin' rewards

Your employees use their hard-earned points to purchase rewards from the built-in store. They can choose from a vast selection of gift cards or charitable donations. Additionally, you can create your own custom rewards, like company swag!

Amazon gift card
Airbnb gift card
Spotify gift card
Apple gift card
Sephora gift card
H&M gift card
Instacart gift card
Hulu gift card
Uber gift card
Best Buy gift card
The Home Depot gift card
Target gift card
Screenshot of custom reward

The merchants represented are not sponsors of the rewards or otherwise affiliated with Praise. The logos and other identifying marks attached are trademarks of and owned by each represented company and/or its affiliates. Please visit each company's website for additional terms and conditions.

No payment required to install. Free plan available!