Brief overview of Praise

What is Praise?

Praise is an easy and fun recognition program to help your company embrace positivity and collaboration as a tenet of your culture.

How does Praise work?

Praise is designed to be used directly within your corporate communications platform, like Slack. You assign member of your organization a budget of points to give away with their praise. Members deplete their budget by praising their colleagues throughout the month and then get a fresh supply at the top of the next month. All points received can be used to purchase rewards, such as gift cards, donations, or custom items like branded swag from the built-in store.

Praise your colleagues

Recognizing your colleagues for their amazing work has never been easier. There are three convenient ways you can praise someone.

1. Praise via Slack with a slash command

Praise easily from nearly anywhere in Slack by using the following syntax. You can praise a single person or multiple individuals in one command. The praise will be publicly posted to whichever channel or chat you initiated the command in.

/praise <@person 1>...<@person n> <@amount/ea> <@reason>Give praise slash command

2. Praise via Slack with a dialog

If using a command-line interface is not your thing, try out the easy-to-use dialog. You can use a command to open the dialog, or you can find it by visiting the Praise app home under the "Apps" menu within Slack.

/praise giveGive praise Slack dialog

3. Praise via the web app

Although we believe it has a stronger cultural impact, praising within Slack isn't required. You can use our web app to praise as well!

Give praise web interface

Check your balance of points to give or spend

You can check how many points you have left to give for the month, or how many you've received and can spend in the store. Issue a slash command, or find it by visiting the Praise app home under the "Apps" menu within Slack.

/praise balanceOutput of show balance command

Use your received praise to buy a reward

Alright, so you've received a bunch of points for your awesome contributions. Now what?

1. Visit the rewards store

Praise has a built-in rewards store that enables your members to exchange their received praise for rewards.

Rewards store

2. Select your reward

Grab a gift card from your favorite store, donate to your favorite cause, or grab a company t-shirt.

Amazon gift card in rewards store

3. Enjoy your reward!

All digital rewards are delivered to your e-mail and are instantly redeemable.

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